Deen Dayal Field Development


Owner/Location: GSPC, KG Basin Mode of Execution: Project Management Services
Key Features
  • Overall Capacity : 200 MMSCFD
  • Major Processing Units
    • WHP: HIPPS
    • PLQP: Gas Dehydration unit, Waste heat recovery, GTG (5MV), Flare
    • WHP: Provision for Drilling, Helideck
    • PLQP: Living quarter (45 Persons), Helideck, Bridges to WHP and Flare Tripod, Survival Craft-2 Nos
    • Pipeline: Slug Catcher & Isolation Valve Station with associated facilities
  • Total Project Cost: Rs.3400 Crore
  • Schedule: 39 Months
Deen Dayal Field Development


Project: New field development in KG Basin. Process: Facilities designed for Well fluid at High Pressure (15000 psi at WHP and 1500 psi at PLQP), High temperature (152°C at WHP and 50°C at PLQP).
  • Deck, Jacket and module fabrication carried out at Hazira/Kattupalli and in Malaysia.
  • Total steel procured and delivered at yard: Approx. 30000 MT.
  • Heaviest lift during installation – 3900 MT
  • Concurrent working of various contractors in the offshore location


HSE: No loss time accident