EIL is a technology driven organization which believes that investment in technology is imperative for maintaining its leadership position. We have established a sophisticated research and development center in Gurgaon and the R&D division is pursuing technology development both in-house and in collaboration with other organizations like IOCL-R&D, BPCL-R&D, IIP, CHT, HPCL, CPCL, NRL etc.
We have developed more than 35 process technologies and our portfolio includes various technologies for petroleum refining, oil and gas processing and aromatics. The DHDT technology developed by EIL and IOCL-R&D has been implemented for the first time in India at IOCL’s Bongaigaon Refinery. EIL currently holds 36 live patents and has 31 pending patent applications relating to various process technologies.

Technologies developed by us and held under license from third parties for further sub-licensing include

  • Petroleum refining processes, crude distillation, vacuum distillation, bitumen blowing, visbraking, hydrotreating (naphtha, kerosene/ATF and diesel), reformers and isomerisers,
  • Oil and gas related technologies, gas sweetening, gas dehydration, dew point depression, gas transportation, LPG and ethane/ propane recovery units,
  • Aromatics, naphtha splitter, benzene toluene extraction and fractionation and xylene fractionation.
We believe our technology portfolio and experience in the commercial application of these technologies and related know-how differentiates us from other engineering construction companies, enhances our margins and encourages customers to utilize our broad range of engineering, procurement, construction and project management services.